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We cordially and warmly invite you to the first pictorial exhibition of Pia Malinali Rivera. Join us in a warm evening full of color, magic and psychedelia, where through more than 10 pieces of mixed media, we will explore the work of this emerging Queretana painter.   “The main reason why I make art, is due to a need for intimate realization, in an act of offering a sacred service to my existence and everything that surrounds me, this is the way I project my internal reality and its external reflection”   My goal is the joy and inner movement of those who observe it, by transmitting a feeling of restlessness towards self-reflection, the irony of the mind, its interaction with its surroundings and its communion with the most sublime part of being, consciousness.   What I conceive through art is to consolidate the relationship with myself and with the purpose of my life. My works are soaked in a rough but liberating learning of me walking in these 31 years, full of color, psychedelia and symbolism.   The artistic trend that has most influenced my creative process are surrealism and pop surrealism, and music my great muse, with genres […]